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Welcome to FalconFour.com

Hi, I'm Falcon4. Welcome to my small corner of the Internet.

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A lone geek in a barren, tech-void wasteland, the forgotten abyss of Fresno, California. There are no beaches, there are few electric cars (of which I drive one), there is only Fresno. Fresno has F-16s though, so it's not that bad. Until they downgrade to F-15s. Which they already are. So my days here are kinda coming to an end, it seems. "Won't you save me, San Francisco?"

If you came here looking for information regarding (or a domain regarding) that simulator of the single most awesome fighter jet on the planet (I'm talking about Falcon 4, the F-16 simulator), then you've, well, almost come to the right place. While I don't do flight sims myself (maybe I should...), you're more than welcome to contact me about hosting your goods. Just drop me a note mentioning Falcon 4, and I will bow to your every will. Serious. ;)

Have fun!
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